Roeder Avenue Bridge Construction Administration

Roeder Avenue Bridge Construction Administration City of Bellingham

Central Avenue Improvements

Central Avenue Improvements City of Bellingham

Inspection, Load Rating and Bridge Rehabilitation

Inspection, Load Rating and Bridge Rehabilitation City of Bellingham

Old 99 (Riverside Drive) Improvements

Old 99 (Riverside Drive) Improvements Cities of Mount Vernon & Burlington

I-405 South Bellevue Design/Build Project

I-405 South Bellevue Design/Build Project WSDOT

Middle Fork Bridge Rehabilitation Construction

Middle Fork Bridge Rehabilitation and Construction Management, City of Bellingham

  • Sound Transit Lakewood Layover Yard

    Friday, 23 September 2011 00:00
  • Broadway Avenue Bridge Replacement

    Thursday, 22 September 2011 00:00
  • Roeder Avenue Bridge Construction Administration

    Thursday, 15 September 2011 06:46
  • Central Avenue Improvements

    Thursday, 15 September 2011 06:40
  • Inspection, Load Rating and Bridge Rehabilitation

    Thursday, 15 September 2011 04:29
  • Old 99 (Riverside Drive) Improvements

    Thursday, 15 September 2011 03:55
  • I-405 South Bellevue Design/Build Project

    Thursday, 15 September 2011 03:47
  • Middle Fork Bridge Rehabilitation Construction

    Thursday, 15 September 2011 03:22


Every project that TranTech is involved with is designed to meet local jurisdiction standards, which frequently includes WSDOT and FHWA standards. All of our team members are WSDOT and FHWA design veterans and have extensive experience with the related design standards, specifications, and review and approval requirements. Several TranTech staff members are former WSDOT employees, thus they are well-versed in WSDOT standards on roadways and highways. Having ex-WSDOT staff gives us an added advantage in understanding and appreciating WSDOT’s review process and approval requirements. This is demonstrated in past successful multi-disciplinary projects like King County’s NE 124th Avenue and the City of Mount Vernon’s Old 99 Drive Improvements (winner of two first place national awards).

TranTech is very familiar with processing street improvement projects under the auspices of the WSDOT LAG manual. We understand the process and requirements for developing and approving engineering designs with a ROW acquisition component. We have experience with construction and post-construction activities. This gives us the added benefit of understanding the LAG manual requirements including design development, design approval, project bidding, award approval, construction, and project completion. Additionally, we have experience assisting an Agency which is on probation to retain their Certified Acceptance program status and experience assisting a local agency to insure that FHWA requirements for utilizing consultants were properly managed.

TranTech provides services in the following areas:

1. Structural Design, Load Rating, and Inspection - Structural design of all types including bridge design; seismic retrofit; structural condition inspection and load rating.
2. Civil Design - roadway; drainage; traffic signal; and lighting design.
3. Construction Administration - Project Administration with a Project Engineer; inspection services; claims administration; and construction engineering.

Street, Sidewalk & Traffic Design Services
TranTech’s staff has years of experience designing urban arterials, residential streets, rural roads, and utility systems. We have provided designs that are accommodating and sensitive to a variety of environmental circumstances. Our goals are to provide our clients with products that respond to the needs of the community, designs that consider the triple bottom line (community, environment and economics) and designs and finished products that fit the physical circumstances so well that it’s hard to imagine anything else. We have an accomplished record of working well with our partners at the federal and state level. We understand the LAG manual and federal and state development standards and the procedures for accomplishing successful projects through appropriate documentation.

Stormwater and Drainage Design Services
TranTech’s staff has years of experience designing urban stormwater conveyance and drainage systems. Our staff employs a wide range of analysis tools, allowing us to perform multi-dimensional analyses and modeling. This enables us to design the full spectrum of urban drainage infrastructure including bridge waterways and scour, flood plain mapping and floodway studies, coordinated collection systems, backwater calculations, culvert and conduit sizing, detention basin design, and treatment facilities.

Bridge Design and Inspection Services
TranTech is proud of their accomplishments in the field of providing structural engineering services. Our knowledge and experience include complex (award winning) bridge designs, structural walls, marine structures, seismic evaluations and designs, and loading assessments. We can provide complete design packages, structural analysis services, structural retrofits and bridge load ratings as well as assistance in competing for BRAC funding.

Construction Management and Inspection Services
Construction Management can include Inspection, Testing, QA/QC, Documentation, and Conflict Resolution. TranTech’s staff includes seasoned construction managers whose abilities have been successful in a broad spectrum of construction projects. All of our inspectors have the ability to make engineering decisions in the field because their experience has included being involved during the engineering design process. We have experience in value engineering, know how to apply quality assurance and control techniques that not only review the plans for details but include how the plans will fit in the construction process and construction environment. Our success depends upon how well we understand and document projects on a day-to-day basis. We pay special attention to creating documents that are thorough and readable so they can be used for reference or in case there is a disagreement. Our construction experience also provides us with the ability to be effective in conflict resolution. We believe in being calm and objective and providing our clients with sound advice for achieving successful settlements.

Traffic Engineering Services
TranTech’s traffic engineering experience has been proven and tested because two of our employees have worked for municipalities where hands-on designs and field applications have passed the test of time with great success. We have experience designing traffic signals to fit stand alone or systematic environments. We understand the value of data collecting and how to reduce and use data for identifying traffic safety solutions. We can analyze whether the best solution is a round-about or a traffic signal. And always, safety is our first priority.


TranTech Bridge Projects Requiring Overcrossing BNSF Railway Tracks

Structural Engineering:
TranTech's structural engineering group provides comprehensive services for structural design of bridges; highways and other industrial facilities. We also provide services in the areas of seismic retrofit, structural condition inspection and load rating of bridges.

Civil Engineering:
TranTech’s civil engineers provide comprehensive services for roadway design; drainage & stormwater treatment; traffic signals and illumination design.

Construction Management:
TranTech’s construction administration team provides services in the areas of contract administration, construction inspection and materials testing coordination and management, resident engineering, contractor work coordination.