Roeder Avenue Bridge Construction Administration

Roeder Avenue Bridge Construction Administration City of Bellingham

Central Avenue Improvements

Central Avenue Improvements City of Bellingham

Inspection, Load Rating and Bridge Rehabilitation

Inspection, Load Rating and Bridge Rehabilitation City of Bellingham

Old 99 (Riverside Drive) Improvements

Old 99 (Riverside Drive) Improvements Cities of Mount Vernon & Burlington

I-405 South Bellevue Design/Build Project

I-405 South Bellevue Design/Build Project WSDOT

Middle Fork Bridge Rehabilitation Construction

Middle Fork Bridge Rehabilitation and Construction Management, City of Bellingham

  • Sound Transit Lakewood Layover Yard

    Friday, 23 September 2011 00:00
  • Broadway Avenue Bridge Replacement

    Thursday, 22 September 2011 00:00
  • Roeder Avenue Bridge Construction Administration

    Thursday, 15 September 2011 06:46
  • Central Avenue Improvements

    Thursday, 15 September 2011 06:40
  • Inspection, Load Rating and Bridge Rehabilitation

    Thursday, 15 September 2011 04:29
  • Old 99 (Riverside Drive) Improvements

    Thursday, 15 September 2011 03:55
  • I-405 South Bellevue Design/Build Project

    Thursday, 15 September 2011 03:47
  • Middle Fork Bridge Rehabilitation Construction

    Thursday, 15 September 2011 03:22

Tom Weller, PE, LEED-AP

Tom Weller has significant civil engineering experience in the planning, permitting and design of primarily public projects. He has worked on several multi-million dollar capital improvement projects involving the preparation of traffic impact studies, channelization plans, right-of-way plans, stormwater management plans, and bidding documents. He has served the Washington and Montana Departments of Transportation as well as various local agencies, and he excels at managing diverse design teams spread over multiple offices. Locally, he serves as a member of the Bellingham Transportation Committee.


BS, Civil Engineering, University of Iowa, 1994


Professional Engineer: WA #36669; MT #17963
LEED Accredited Professional, Green Building Certification Institute

Industry Tenure

15+ years

Project Experience

City of Bellingham, ER-0013 Chestnut Bay Bridge Rehabilitation | Bellingham, WA

Project Engineer. The Chestnut-Bay Bridge, originally built in 1929, was awarded $3.0M in federal funding to address weight restrictions and other physical deficiencies. Tom managed and prepared all civil engineering components of this rehabilitation project including ADA ramp reconstruction, stormwater conveyance improvements, water quality treatment design, adding an eastbound bicycle lane, sidewalk enhancements, channelization plans, and driveway reconstruction. He used AutoCAD Civil 3D for engineering and plan preparation.

City of Pasco, Chapel Hill Boulevard Extension/Road 76 Extension and Road 68 Widening |Pasco, WA

Project Engineer. The City’s objective is to build a new east-west arterial as well as a north-south arterial over I-182 within a large parcel of land owned by the Washinton Deparment of Natural Resouces. Responsible for preparing a planning-level design drawing (5% - 10%) showing both horizontal and vertical alignment for Chapel Hill Boulevard and the Road 76 extension in addition to providing the associated construction cost estimates. Also responsible for preparing plans showing planning-level concepts for both Chapel Hill Boulevard and Road 76 extension cross-sections as well as developing an access management plan.

Montana Department of Transportation, US 93 Bypass |Kalispell, MT

Civil Engineer. Responsible for preparing hydraulics reports for separate areas of the US 93 Bypass. Both areas lie within the Kalispell city limits meet the City’s requirements for stormwater treatment and detention. Site constraints for the treatment/detention facility required unique approaches to stormwater management for this 100-acre drainage basin. Work included preparing the Reserve Drive South Hydraulics Report Amendment #4 and the US 93 Bypass from Reserve Loop to US 93 Hydraulics Report documenting existing and recommended drainage design for developed conditions. Also selected and sized a hydro-dynamic separator to provide water quality treatment and designed rip-rap revetments for conveyance pipe outfalls. Used Storm and Sanitary Analysis Software by Autodesk® to size conveyance pipes and locate inlets to meet spread-width analysis requirements for both reports.

City of Kalispell, Meridian Road Traffic Study |Kalispell, MT

Project Manager. Responsible for preparing a traffic study of Meridian Road between Appleway Drive and 4th Street West. This project was needed to extend the City’s Westside Tax Increment Financing District and required a quick turnaround to meet bonding deadlines. Work included data collection and preparation and submittal of the traffic study to the City within three weeks after receiving notice-to-proceed. Collected manual traffic counts and coordinated with traffic subconsultant to collect additional traffic data. Used HCS 2010 traffic analysis software by McTrans™ to determine Level of Service and queue length for new left turn lanes to improve existing Level-of-Service. Coordinated with MDT to secure accident data and with Peterson Elementary School to understand their facility’s needs.


TranTech Bridge Projects Requiring Overcrossing BNSF Railway Tracks

Structural Engineering:
TranTech's structural engineering group provides comprehensive services for structural design of bridges; highways and other industrial facilities. We also provide services in the areas of seismic retrofit, structural condition inspection and load rating of bridges.

Civil Engineering:
TranTech’s civil engineers provide comprehensive services for roadway design; drainage & stormwater treatment; traffic signals and illumination design.

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TranTech’s construction administration team provides services in the areas of contract administration, construction inspection and materials testing coordination and management, resident engineering, contractor work coordination.